2018 Esso Beer Label

Coming soon to The Esso Club is their fall beer featuring my artwork, for the second year in a row. We worked with Sugar Creek Brewing in Charlotte, North Carolina. 


The owner of The Esso Club, Charles Usry, owns the three dogs depicted and wanted them on the label this year. The inspiration behind the design was based off a work experience of mine.

One Sunday when I was tending bar, I had two people sitting in front of our tap handles. I went in the back for a moment and as I was coming back upfront, the couple had pushed all the handles down. I got to the taps as quickly as I could, as beer is pouring everywhere and all over the bar. They were laughing, I wasn’t happy, and they were asked to leave. It wasn’t funny then, but the story is comical now and has resulted in the fall beer design with Charles’ dogs pushing the taps! Cheers!